Discovery Channel and Shell produced this program. Earth 2050. The future of energy with a real world perspective.

This program looks towards to the future with a real World perspective. Looking for  solutions to meet the energy needs of a World of 9 million. As the World’s population grows the solution is to use our intelligence to provide food, energy, water, education, and safety for all people. Its nice to see a big energy company like Shell is taking an approach that is multifaceted and open minded.

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Doing our best with what we have and trying to always do better.

Doing our best with what we have and always trying to do better that is positive energy. At POSITIVEENERGY.COM the aim is to put the focus on positive energy in people , places and things.

Energy, food, people, these are all aspects of modern civilization that can be constantly be improved on. This is a place to show how we all do our best for ourselves and others. Where Individuals, Groups and Companies can show their positive energy.




POSITIVEENERGY.COM has for a decade and a half given information regarding positive energy. For 2015 POSITIVEENERGY.COM has a new look , an enhanced mission and a goal of social inclusion. Millions of people have visited POSITIVEENRGY.COM over the years. As this site grows  we can all share our positive energy and we can benefit each other.